Self catering holidays in Malta

Malta - the friendliest island in the Med

Essential information about self-catering holidays in Malta


Malta is geared up for tourism. There are thousands of apartments, villas and farmhouses to choose from to rent for self catering holidays. Because everyone speaks English, the process is easy and your stay becomes a 'home from home'.


Malta is in the Eurozone; any Sterling will need to be changed before arrival or bring a small amount of Euros with you then change the rest in Malta for a better exchange rate. There are plenty of ATMs and banks where you can withdraw your holiday cash using a card. Credit and debit cards are also accepted by most supermarkets and shops.

Drinking Water

It is recommended that you buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water in Malta has a very high mineral content.

Health and Safety

Malta has a hot climate during the summer so the obvious common sense rules apply about drinking plenty of fluids (other than alcohol), wearing a sun hat and sunscreen. The Maltese have siesta for 3 hours or so at noon, the hottest part of the day,  when the shops close. They re-open again about 4 pm.

Wear plastic or protective footwear in Malta or Gozo because there are spiky sea urchins that could hurt your feet. Mosquito repellant is also useful in high summer.

Visitors from Britain can obtain free medical treatment as log as they have a European Health Insurance Card, formerly known as an E111. Medical facilities in Malta are excellent.

Driving in Malta

Like the British and Commonwealth countries, the Maltese drive on the left which makes it very easy if you wish to hire a car. See car rental in Malta.


The power supply in Malta is the same as in Britain, 240 V. The Maltese also use 3 pin British plugs so that you won't require travel adapters.

red phone box in Valletta MaltaTelephones

The International dialling code for Malta is 00356. There are plenty of public phone boxes in the towns and Valletta, including bright red British-style phone boxes. Credit card payments can be made. For calls from your holiday rental you can buy cards from newsagents for cheaper rates which entail a code being entered before the telephone number you wish to call.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Malta

  • Police : 191
  • Ambulance: 196


 Laws and Regulations

Topless sunbathing is not permitted in Malta because it breaches the Criminal Code and standards of decency. Nudism is obviously not allowed for the same reason.

The weather and weather forecast for Malta

The weather in Malta - be prepared for the climate which can get extremely hot in the summer. Temperatures of over 40 C are not unknown. Check the weather forecast and historical data before booking.


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