Self catering holidays in Malta

Malta - the friendliest island in the Med

Rabat in Malta, for self catering holidays in the friendliest place on Earth


The town of Rabat is literally across the road from the medieval walled town of Mdina. Like Mdina there are narrow lanes leading off from main roads and is more of a place to live with plenty of activity than a beautiful preserved museum exhibit.

There are all the signs of modern life; electricity and telecomms cables trailing from one side of the street to another, shops, pubs and people.  There are some most attractive and ornate street lamps erected for the festivals and places of interest.

Visit St Paul’s Catacombs in Saint Agatha Street - these late Roman burial chambers  consist of a warren of interconnecting tunnels with tombs. They feature low tables with what appears to be circular couches cut from the rock. There is also the Domus Romanus or Roman House with one of the best surviving mosaic floors in existence.